By Selley Richard C.

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This version keeps the case heritage method of emphasize the subsurface analysis of environments utilizing seismic and geophysical good logs and their program to petroleum exploration and construction. This ebook can be of curiosity to undergraduates in sedimentology and petroleum geology.

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Slumping on an extensive scale however seems to be most typical of delta slopes and submarine canyons and fans. Regardless of whether slumps can be used to determine depositional environment they are important criteria for recognizing palaeoslopes. Palaeocurrent patterns Of the five defining parameters of a sedimentary facies (geometry, lithology, structures, palaeocurrents, and fossils) all but palaeo currents are observational criteria. To determine the palaeocurrents of a facies involves not just the description, but also the interpretation of data.

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Ancient Sedimentary Environments: and their sub-surface diagnosis by Selley Richard C.

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