21 intriguing stories of trade History!

What if destiny had grew to become out another way in those United States?

What if the Louisiana buy by no means happened?
What if George Washington were a Loyalist?
What if a billionaire cloned the Founding Fathers?
What if the Vikings had settled North America?
What if the Apollo eleven moon touchdown had failed?

These and lots of different eventualities are explored in
Atlered America!

Featuring tales by means of Jackson Kuhl, Dan Gainor, Bruno Lombardi, Edmund Wells, Sam Kepfield, Brad Hafford, Erik Bundy, Dusty Wallace, Owen Morgan, Ryan McCall, Jason Sharp, Sean Menken, William R.D. wooden, Jeff Provine, James S. Dorr, Martin T. Ingham, Lauren A. Forry, Cyrus P. Underwood, Charles Wilcox, and Philip Overby.

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He’d carried in his minicomp, since he’d been planning to show Judith and Ruth pictures of some of the places he’d been since he sent his last letter. Now he pulled it out. “I’m going to check on that name,” he said. ” Judith asked. ” “Actually,” Michael said, “given the situation, it would make less sense if you didn’t make just such a query. Let me use your comp. They may not bother to check registration numbers, but I would…” The search did not lead them to their target, but it did turn up an interesting bit of trivia.

The freckles Michael remembered from when they had been children had faded, but she still wore her dark honey-colored hair loose, the thick, tightly curled mass falling past her shoulders to the middle of her back. She’d been cute as a child, but now Michael had to admit Todd was right, she was decidedly pretty, maybe even almost beautiful. “Alice! ” “Daddy’s attending a meeting of some committee or other,” Alice said, clasping the hand Michael politely offered to her between two of her own. Her amber-flecked golden eyes danced with mischief.

Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gives the kid a wallop or two as soon as he has her in his hands…” “And that behavior,” George said, “can certainly be turned to our advantage. ” “That’s right,” George said. ” * * * Until the air car settled on the tower landing and Michael got out, Judith had been so overwhelmed by the events of the past hour or so that she had completely forgotten that her first and best Manticoran friend was scheduled to visit that day. For a moment Judith marveled at the coincidence.

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Altered America

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