By J. Kinsman

ISBN-10: 0230112110

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This e-book provides a heritage of AIDS keep watch over in Uganda, from the beginning of the epidemic within the early Eighties up till 2005. Uganda is celebrated across the world as an AIDS 'success story', either for its bringing down HIV prevalence and incidence over the Nineties, and for its leading edge method of scaling up the supply of antiretroviral treatment.

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Huyts (1979; referred to in Van der Geest, 1990) also used the multilevel perspective to investigate PHC, but this time to drive his analysis of people’s personal (as opposed to professional) motivations to participate in PHC programs. He showed how program participants at all different levels—whether technical advisers in international organizations, host governments, or the target population itself—react in “exactly the same way to PHC” (Van der Geest, 1990:1030). Ultimately, they all hope to gain something personally by participating.

18 AIDS POLICY IN UGANDA (i) The Multilevel Perspective A multilevel perspective has been adopted by researchers from a number of different social science disciplines—both quantitative and qualitative— with the intention of guiding their work conceptually, methodologically, and/or analytically. Researchers who take on this approach do so for its capacity, one way or another, to act as a heuristic tool that can help identify determining factors and explanations for what is taking place within the parameters of a given study topic.

2002:119). But there are also critical views of the concept. McQueen (2002), for example, argues that the very notion of evidence is “rightly viewed as [a] Western derived, European-American, and in many ways Western concept. [It] developed largely out of Western philosophical writings of the past two centuries and the epistemological underpinnings fostered by the development of logical positivism. :83). KEY THEMES AND CONCEPTS 25 The randomized controlled clinical trial McQueen is referring to (sometimes referred to as the Randomized Controlled Trial, or RCT) is an epidemiological tool4 that features in this book, so it deserves some introduction here.

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