By Katharine Kerr

ISBN-10: 0553290118

ISBN-13: 9780553290110

Drawing on Celtic lore, the Deverry sequence has develop into a well-liked staple of the trendy fable reader's library. Now A Time of Omens signs the intertwining of the 2 international of the sequence: Deverry, the realm of people and elves, and the astral airplane, the place robust immortals stay.

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I am surprised at the stubbornness of certain professors of Elvish, to say nothing of a certain Elvish professor, which has forced me to append such a self-evident remark to these notes. One can only assume that these persons are underemployed by their academic institutions if they have the leisure to write scurrilous articles about contemporary novelists rather than devoting themselves to their proper areas of expertise. Prologue Wmmglaedd, 1096 On the Inner Planes, Time as we know it no longer exists.

Here, Nevyn, do you know who’s regent down in Cerrmor? ” “I fear the latter, my liege, but I don’t truly know. ” The king nodded a dismissal, taking this hint of dweomer with a casual indifference. It was odd, Maddyn thought to himself, just how easily one did get used to dweomer, as if it were the natural order of things and a world without magic the aberration. Maryn was practically jigging where he stood in sheer excitement. Although Maddyn could sympathize—after all, the lad’s Wyrd lay close at hand—he was also worried, just because he could remember being fifteen and sure that he would never die, no matter what happened to other men.

He looked up and smiled at her; as always, his weak eyes were watering from the effort of reading. “Oh, there you are, Jill! ” “The history scroll? ” “I have indeed, and just now, so it’s a good thing you wandered in like this. ” Although he was joking, Jill felt a line of cold run down her back. ” He tapped the papyrus in front of him with a bone stylus. “Here’s the scroll, and it does indeed have a reference to elves living in the islands. Well, maybe they’re elves, anyway. ” The scroll was an ancient chronicle of the city-state of Arbarat, lying far south in the Bardekian islands.

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