By Glen Cook

Across the mountains known as the Dragon's the teeth, past the coolness succeed in of the Werewind and the fires of the world's starting, above the partitions of the fort Fangdred, stands Windtower. From this lonely retain the big name Rider calls forth the conflict that even wizards dread, fought for a woman's hundred-lifetime love. a girl referred to as Nepanthe, princess to the Stormkings…

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His sole interest in life was the hunt; be it for a mountain bear or a dangerous man. Six strange men then. The seventh was their sister, Nepanthe, the last-born. Her hair was black and long, a family trait. She rode proudly, as befit her station, but hers was not a conquering, militant bearing. She rode not as the virgin mistress of Ravenkrak, but as a sad and lonely woman. She was uncommonly beautiful in her waning twenties, yet her heart was as cold as her mountain home. But her aloofness, here, was caused by opposition to her brothers' plans.

What you did with the Werewind won't happen again. " She missed the danger-sound in his voice. "What can you do? " The unanimity of their nods bought her silence. " "And throw away the key," Valther added, the only brother to whom she felt really close. She was overwhelmed. Turran's madness had infected them all. And she knew they made no idle threats. She shut her mouth and kept it that way. " Turran asked. Intelligence was Valther's responsibility. "We hold the Tower, the symbol of power. For the time being the people are satisfied.

Royal was surprised by his intensity. For a moment, indeed, it seemed the boy might speak. But then he settled into his usual stolidity, revealing only a fraction of his inner joy. So, after the last squash were sold and the three returned to the farm, Royal went to visit the parish priest. Time passed and the boy grew until, at an age of about ten, he was as tall as Royal and nearly as strong. The old couple were pleased. They cared for him like a precious jewel, giving the best of everything.

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