By Kirsten Beyer

ISBN-10: 1476790841

ISBN-13: 9781476790848

An unique novel set within the universe of superstar Trek: Voyager from ny instances bestselling writer Kirsten Beyer—and the sequel to Atonement and Acts of Contrition!

The complete Circle Fleet has resumed its extraordinary explorations of the Delta Quadrant and previous Borg house. Commander Liam O'Donnell of the U.S.S. Demeter makes a promising first touch with the Nihydron—humanoid extraterrestrial beings which are creditors of heritage. They hardly engage with the species they examine yet have created an important database of various races, inhabited planets, and the present geopolitical panorama of a big swath of the quadrant. whilst an alternate of knowledge is proposed through a proper assembly, the Nihydron representatives are visibly shaken while Admiral Kathryn Janeway greets them. for nearly a century, neighborhood species—the Rilnar and the Zahl—have fought for keep watch over of the within sight planet Sormana, with either side claiming it as their ancestral homeworld. The surprising half is that for the final numerous years, the Rilnar were progressively gaining floor, due to the strategies in their present commanding officer: a human lady, who seems to be none except Kathryn Janeway herself...

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Barv thought so. Jysella clung to that hope as well. Her booted feet rang in the vast, open space of the Temple entrance hall as she headed toward the turbolift that would take her to the First Wing of the archives. She crossed her arms, fidgeting slightly, as the turbolift hummed softly and bore her to the top floor. She found Cilghal in a small alcove in the depths of the stacks, seated at one of the tables and surrounded by tall piles of glowing blue datatapes and datacards. Her smooth brown head was bent over an ancient text, and her flipper-like hands were encased in gloves to protect the delicate old flimsi.

It’s slowing its approach,” Ithila said. ” Dician didn’t bother to tell the Hapan woman that she already knew that; that she was intimately connected with this meditation sphere, this … Ship. It seemed particularly interested in the younglings, and she understood that this had been the focus of its design. To protect and educate apprentices. To prepare them for their destinies. You will come to Korriban. You will serve me, Dician, and you will teach the younglings. You will fulfill your intended purpose.

She turned and saw the exit from this wing. It opened onto the huge main hallway. Beyond that, the Promenade, and freedom. Jysella gulped and started running. She swore under her breath as another Jedi emerged from one of the side stacks. This one looked like a Brubb, but she didn’t recognize him. They were everywhere, these false ones. So desperate was her need to get out that she didn’t even slow. With a snarl, she made a gesture as if she were running her fingers horizontally along one of the shelves.

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