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A learn of Muhannad Al-Muwylili's Hadith Isa Ibn Hisham.

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Feminists in both the United States and Canada have been articulate in describing the hijab as a symbol of subordination and oppression of women. Such arguments affect Muslim women in several ways. While some adopt certain elements of the critique and are themselves articulate in opposing Islamic dress, albeit in their own terms, others deeply resent such ‘‘interference’’ on the part of those who are not Muslim. Oppression comes in many forms, they argue, not least from those feminists who want to save Muslims from what many believe to be a commandment from God.

A woman’s primary responsibility, according to the conservative publications, is as a wife and mother. A good Muslim woman is expected to set aside any personal aspirations until her husband’s and children’s needs are met. Further, mothers are to be exemplary in their piety and persistent stereotypes 35 a foundation of Islamic education for their children. Al-Jumuah maintains that it is best if married Muslim women do not work at all. org), the tagline is, ‘‘Helping Americans to better understand traditional Islam, while building integrity among women of diverse cultures’’; the mission is to promote the empowerment of women from within a specifically Islamic context.

Whether cradling her baby, aiming an assault rifle, or walking ten steps behind her oppressor husband, the stereotypical images of a usually fully veiled Muslim woman are burned deep into Western consciousness. Muslims making their home in the West in the latter part of the twentieth century, and now in the twenty-first century, immediately encounter the persistence of these long-propagated stereotypes, just as they also carry the defensive polemic and ideological responses to them generated in Muslim nation states for over a century.

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