By George R. R. Martin

ISBN-10: 0345529065

ISBN-13: 9780345529060

George R. R. Martin's A tune of Ice and hearth sequence has develop into, in lots of methods, the most useful for contemporary epic delusion. Martin—dubbed the "American Tolkien" via Time magazine—has created an international that's as wealthy and very important as any piece of old fiction, set in an age of knights and chivalry and packed with a plethora of interesting, multidimensional characters that you simply love, hate to like, or like to hate as they fight for keep an eye on of a divided country. it really is this very power that has led it to be tailored because the HBO miniseries “Game of Thrones.”

This package contains the subsequent novels:
A video game OF THRONES
A conflict OF KINGS
A hurricane OF SWORDS
A banquet FOR CROWS

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Even assuming I could reach him or her… Summoning all my strength, I quelled such hopeless thoughts and swam on, only to see the other slip beneath the water when I was less than arm's length away. Before I could think, my body arced into a dive, both hands outflung, groping in the muddy flow. My lungs rebelled, blood pounded in my ears—air! I must have air! Agonized, I kicked myself forward, still flailing my arms— And touched! My fingers brushed cloth, grabbed, then I was swimming upward, toward life and air, that handful of linen clenched tight in my fist.

Agonized, I tightened my grip, praying to any Powers that might listen to let me sustain my hold until we won free of the well's influence. A few strides further on, Obred's jaws parted, and he slumped in both our holds, limp. Tightening both knees, I signaled Nekia to halt. Obred slid from my numbed grasp onto the plain, facedown. Take care of him," I told Guret, turning the mare back toward the rest of the Kioga, only to see one— two—three— then a fourth rider slip from their saddles, heading for the deadly trap.

I found my voice, still rough from the rawness of my throat. "More than that, no. " We talked a bit more, then I slept, while Obred oversaw the river crossing. When I awoke it was time for me to cross again, thankful that there had been no more mishaps. We camped that night on the opposite bank. I sat leaning against my bedroll, listening to one of the women recount a long storysong, about the spirit of the river, in the shape of an otter, playing tricks upon two would-be Kioga trappers. It was a funny telling, and I found myself laughing with the others.

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