By Anouar Majid

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A choice for Heresy discovers unforeseen universal flooring in a single of the main inflammatory problems with the twenty-first century: the deepening clash among the Islamic global and the U.S.. relocating past simplistic solutions, Anouar Majid argues that the Islamic international and the USA are either in precipitous states of decline simply because, in every one, spiritual, political, and financial orthodoxies have silenced the voices in their so much inventive thinkers—the visionary nonconformists, radicals, and revolutionaries who're usually pushed aside, or perhaps punished, as heretics. the USA and modern Islam proportion way over partisans on both sides admit, Majid provocatively argues, and this “clash of civilizations” is in truth a conflict of competing fundamentalisms. Illustrating this element, he attracts impressive parallels among the histories and cultures of Islam and the us and their shortsighted suppression of heresy (zandaqa in Arabic), from Muslim poets and philosophers like Ibn Rushd (known within the West as Averroës) to the freethinker Thomas Paine, and from Abu Bakr Razi and Al-Farabi to Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. He reveals sour irony within the undeniable fact that Islamic tradition is now at battle with a country whose beliefs are wasting floor to the reactionary forces that experience lengthy condemned Islam to stagnation. the answer, Majid concludes, is a long-overdue revival of dissent. Heresy is not any longer a contrarian’s luxurious, for less than via encouraging an engaged and innovative highbrow culture can the international locations opposite their decline and at last interact for worldwide justice and the typical reliable of humanity. Anouar Majid is founding chair and professor of English on the collage of latest England and the writer of Freedom and Orthodoxy: Islam and distinction within the Post-Andalusian Age; Unveiling Traditions: Postcolonial Islam in a Polycentric international; and Si Yussef, a unique. he's additionally cofounder and editor of Tingis, a Moroccan-American journal of rules and tradition.

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17 By the end of , when Eva Morales—a forty-sixyear-old Aymara Indian, a former herder of llamas who lost four siblings in childhood, a promoter of coca farming, a foe of globalization, a leader of the Movement Toward Socialism, and a champion of “communal socialism”—was given the mandate to run Bolivia, he immediately declared war on imperialism and the “neoliberal” economic model (also known as the Washington consensus). On the day before he was sworn in as president in the Bolivian Congress, Morales, barefoot and dressed in the costume of an ancient indigenous civilization, underwent a purification ceremony at the sacred site of Tiwanaku, about fourteen thousand feet above sea level in the presence of tens of thousands of Aymara and Quechua Indians, and vowed to end five hundred years of exploitation.

S. ” These two countries’ need for fresh water, oil fuel, grain, soybeans, and wood products far outstrips available resources, while their reliance on “coal-dominated energy systems” is directly affecting global climate change through the emission of high quantities of carbon dioxide. The Worldwatch Institute may see a glimmer of hope in these two nations’ pursuit of sustainable models of development,49 but their feeble attempt may well be too little too late. James Lovelock, the British scientist who coined the term Gaia in the s to describe how the Earth keeps itself fit for life and “conceived the first wholly new way of looking at life on Earth since Charles Darwin,” shocked public opinion in early  by asserting that we have passed the point of no return in damaging our habitat, and the best we can hope for now is a soft landing and a concerted effort to live with fewer resources in an ailing planet.

As if to confirm Pape’s thesis, in the course of two days in October , two Tamil suicide bombers were responsible for killing more than  people and wounding at least another  for the sake of their nationalist cause. Religion is used as a strategy of recruitment, but the main (and secular) goal of Muslims and non-Muslims alike is the liberation of their territory from what they perceive as foreign occupation. Pape’s findings helped explain, too, the futile attempt to destroy the Lebanese organization and militia Hezbollah in the summer of , as Israel had hoped to do through military intervention in Lebanon.

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