By Nicholas Boyle

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Top Cambridge public highbrow argues for financial, political reform if the dire occasions on the starting of the twentieth century will not be to be repeated. a brand new global quandary is already looming. via the center of Obama's moment time period, or of the 1st time period of his, most likely Republican, successor, America's legacy to the twenty first century can be determined. Will it's a century of climatic catastrophe and struggle? The roots of the current hindrance lie in an unbalanced globalization which has didn't fit fiscal with political integration. fake versions of nationhood, markets, and empires have hindered the advance of worldwide governance. those illusions in flip are a part of the ideology of yank exceptionalism. If human civilization is to outlive the twenty first century, that ideology must collapse to a extra sensible popularity of supranational professionals, and particularly of an more advantageous IMF and WTO. The banking cave in of 2007-8 demands a revived figuring out of the interdependence of politics and economics. The self-images of countries have misplaced contact with the realities that be sure our lives: it's the international order that now provides us our identification and by myself can safe our collective destiny.

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It quickly served its initial function of dismembering the 51 2014 German-language empires of Europe, which no doubt pleased the relevant expatriates in the USA. But German observers at least could see that it would soon corrode the imperial structures of the victor powers too, and this also may have been part of the American intention: the dismantling of the Empire was one of the essential conditions for setting up the lend-lease agreements by which America financed the British war effort of 1939–45.

However, the domestic economic power base of the British Empire was not sufficiently in advance of its competitors – indeed it was, notoriously, falling behind that of Germany – and its military guarantee lost credibility as a result. Even at its height, the British Empire was not adequate to the task of being protector and guarantor of an economy that, at the latest by 1885, was consciously global. The inability of the Great Powers to identify, or invent, such a guarantor was the fundamental cause of the Seventy-Five Years’ War from 1914 to 1989, in the course of which the rival imperial structures inherited from the nineteenth century gradually destroyed one another.

Unless we can quickly come to rely only on renewable sources of energy, either climate change or the exhaustion of fossil fuels will cause the world economy and the world population to revert to their pre-nineteenth-century conditions, through natural disaster, disease, starvation or nuclear war. It is plainly the overriding task of the twenty-first century to avert such a catastrophe. However, it is not obvious that the problems of setting up a new world energy policy can be resolved independently of the problems thrown up by globalization, nor that an energy shortage or the consequences of climate change helped to precipitate the current worldwide economic crisis.

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